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Babies’ 90% brain develops in the first 5 years

As per modern science, early moments matter and their effects can last a lifetime. It is proved that child can learn the things very fast up to the age of 12. Environment and experiences of child shapes how happy, healthy and smart child will grow up to be.

Parenting is about managing parents, not children.

Parenting Guru app is the best buddy for smart parents. We are here to support you on each step of this journey with our personalized age relevant daily parenting plan. Together, we can form a strong foundation for your loved one.

Why Parenting Guru? The Science behind

How the Baby Learns

100 billion Brain Cells at the time of birth

Connections between brain cells are known as synapses

More number of connections=More Powerful memory

Learning By Experience

More stimulation, more connections

Every new experience create new connections in brain

Repeated experiences strengthen connection

Unused connections disappeared

Activity Based Personalized Daily Parenting Plan includes

Age Relevant 7 activities, Invest 20 minutes a day

Moral world

Daily reading material to inculcate virtuous, moral and ethical values by stories, biographic, poems, articles, life learning lessons
Total Number: 4000+

Today’s activity for child

Stimulate brain development of your little one with total 4000+ activities across Physical, Cognitive, Communication, and Social & Emotional areas. No screen time. Age appropriate and personalized daily activities.

Yummy for Tummy

Balanced diet, and recipes to make sure your child is getting enough nutrients

Mindful Music

Lullabies, Meditation, rhymes, shloka, Instrumentals for brain development etc.

Diet for Soul

Tracks for spiritual development of child and parents

Fitness Zone

Baby massage, Exercises and Kids yoga for Physical development of the child

Weekly Challenge

Incredible weekly challenge to improve family bonding, habits and manners, Photographic memory (1800+ flash cards) and to develop 6th sense of parents and child

Community Support

Ask your query, and parenting community will provide solutions

Activity Tracking

Mechanism to track the activities performed by parent

Daily Tips and Motivations

Amazing parenting tips, affirmations and motivations for positive parenting

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